Travel with
a purpose
Visit the wonders of the world
and help to protect unique cultures and threatened ecosystems
Travel like an explorer: visit breath-taking locations, attend spectacular local festivals and celebrations, and connect with indigenous people
  • Festival of Virgen de Candelaria +
    Machu Picchu, Peru
    Spend a week on the Lake Titicaca, meet Aymara and Quechua people, stay for the night on floating islands of Uros, learn weaving traditions of Taquile, and join the fantastic celebration of Virgen de Candelaria in Puno.

    Peru, February 2020
    4 seats available
  • Carnaval de Oruro +
    Uyuni Salt Flat,
    Visit one of the most spectacular events in the world — the Carnival in Oruro, a celebration of Uru culture in the highlands of Bolivia. Join us for a week, meet local people and dive into the carnival events with locals.

    Bolivia, February 2020
    4 seats available
  • Navruz with Golden Eagles + Siberia to Mongoila drive
    Celebrate Navruz, the beginning of spring with Golden Eagle hunters, explore rock engravings and stone warriors of ancient Scythians, listen to the throat singing of Altai people in some of the most remote corners of the Central Asia

    Russia (Siberia) and Mongolia, March 2020
    8 seats available
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Help us to protect endangered cultures and ecosystems
Explore the wonders of the world with local leaders and scientists, and travel with a purpose
  • Private tour to
    Machu Picchu, Peru
    with an archaeologist
    Visit Machu Picchu like nobody else. Walk around the legendary "Lost city of the Inkas" with local archaeologist and learn about the Inka Empire. Visit the Sacred Valley of the Inkas and meet local communities who preserve old traditions. Spend a day in Cuzco, the archaeology capital of the world.

    6 days or more. From USD 2950.
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  • Private tour to
    Petra, Jordan
    with bedouins
    Spend unforgettable days in Petra, walking around the ancient city with bedouins. See the Treasury and the Monastery from unique vantage points, guided by locals. Visit the spectacular desert from "The Martian" and "Aladdin" and walk through the ancient crusaders castle.

    5 days or more. From USD 2550.
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  • Private tour to
    Western Mongolia with the golden eagle hunter
    Travel to one of the most remote land locations on Earth, the Western Mongolia. Meet local eagle hunters, ride a Mongolian horse in the spectacular Altai mountains, listen to Siberian throat singers live. Explore the unique history, with rock engravings and stone warriors that are thousands years old.

    6 days or more. From USD 2950.
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Watchers Travel: meaningful expeditions and tours
We create extraordinary tours with a mission
to protect threatened cultures and ecosystems
Explore the world
At Watchers, we run expeditions to the most beautiful and authentic locations on the planet. Travel with us to see natural and cultural heritage, the true treasures of the Earth and humanity.

On this journey, you'll be guided by local leaders, explorers and scientists. They will guide you through the pristine nature of their homeland, introduce you to traditional culture, show wildlife in its natural habitat.

It is an unique chance to travel deeper, to make friends with indigenous people, to see fantastic cultural events that very few people have seen.
Travel with a purpose
Pristine nature and authentic cultures are threatened as never before. The purpose of our expeditions is to contribute to the preservation of the endangered ecosystems and sustainability of local communities.

Every expedition you join has a special purpose. During the trip you'll meet NGOs who work on vital projects for local people in the world's most remote locations. These are hospitals, schools, cultural centers, fire brigades, and many other life-sustaining elements.

Join us in this amazing journey, and travel with a purpose.
Why travel with Watchers?
Travel with
local leaders and scientists
Make friends with indigenous people, learn about the world from explorers and scientists, get acquainted to the most remote and authentic corners of the world by locals.
Visit the most
remarkable places on Earth
We run special travel programs based on our 15 years experience and local knowledge. We will take you to world's wonders and to places few people have seen.
Make a
positive impact
Every expedition you join has a special purpose. We use the power of ecotourism to help local communities, preserve nature ecosystems and run scientific field studies.
We spread the knowledge
that you'll never get in the city
  • Travel photography 101: landscapes, portraits, equipment, Photoshop
    Learn how to take great pictures, learn the basics of travel photography, cameras and equipment, and use the full potential of your camera and creativity during your next trip.
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  • Travel photography 102:
    creative techniques for advanced users
    Unveil your potential, get inspired, find a vision, and take your photography to a new level.
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  • Travel design: how to create meaningful adventure tours
    New online course about how to develop adventure and rural tourism successfully but with minimized harm to environment, designed specially for local and indigenous communities.
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Help us to protect
indigenous cultures and endangered ecosystems
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