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Vast territory of Russia and Central Asia still remains the blank spot on tourist maps. With no roads and no English, these are the destinations for true explorers and adventurers.

We are a team of dedicated guides, explorers and scientists who traveled all around Russia. We will be happy to show you our favorite places, some of the most epic must-see locations and hidden gems.

We will introduce you to people who preserve their unique cultures, show the most beautiful corners of the country, and watch wildlife in its natural habitat.
But you have to hurry. Ethnic cultures vanish under the pressure of globalization. Wilderness goes away with development of oil industry, roads and deforestation. Unique historical heritage is barely protected from vandals and theft.

Significant part of the tours budget goes to local communities, non-profit organisations and scientists that study and preserve natural and cultural heritage.

Join us in this amazing journey, and let's travel for a good cause.
Upcoming expeditions
Events for true adventure souls
Celebrate Nauryz with Golden Eagle hunters
8-11 days, March 19-26, 2020.

Drive through the spectacular Altai mountains to celebrate Nauryz, the main celebration for kazakh people, with Golden Eagle hunters in Western Mongolia
Nomadic games of Altai and Mongolia
8-15 days, July 2-16, 2020.

Once in two years leading Altai athletes gather together to find who is the strongest. It is called El-Oiyn, "the people's games". A week after, Mongolia hosts Naadam, the main celebration of a year. Visit them both during one trip from Siberia to Mongolia.
From Siberia to Mongolia
to meet Golden Eagle hunters
8−11 days, September — October, 2020.

Picturesque drive through the Altai mountains during golden autumn season to visit the Golden Eagle festival in Western Mongolia
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We've been exploring Russian wilderness for decades. Message us if you'd like to arrange tailor-made program or looking for the least explored locations.
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