I film travel and wilderness, document indigenous traditions, shoot Youtubes and Tiktoks, do marketing and create websites.

I'm based in Mexico and Estonia, working with businesses in the Americas and Europe

Let's do something epic together!
Hi! I am an adventure photographer, marketer & web developer
Selected works
Landscapes, aerials, portraits, videos, and websites.
What if National Geographic had a baby with Netflix? That's what I put together in the most fun experiment I've had in my web designer's experience
Geographic is how National Geographic would look like if I could create it today: not National, a globe instead of a square, blue marble instead of yellow, and staging experiences instead of producing media.
Travelhood is a community for purpose-driven travel professionals: we unite small tour operators and guides from around the world to make them stronger together.
Samsara is more than travel: it's about traveling with a purpose. For Samsara, I did everything, starting from the concept to the website
About me page for Alex.travel: travel portfolio, stunning pictures, and bio that's interesting to read.
More than a booking: Alpen Club helps you to find the best holiday experiences in the Alps and offers member-only deals on some fantastic hotels
Do business better with the support of entrepreneurs like you: INSPIRRING is a mastermind club for entrepreneurs to grow a strong and sustainable companies
Watchers Travel was a concept that we developed in 2019 to promote tours that care about indigenous cultures and endangered ecosystems.
Russian Expeditions was a tour operator that I worked on since 2008, offering adventure and nature tours in Russia and around. Discontinued since 2022.
Photography: Landscapes
Photography: Drone
Photography: People
Let's do something epic together
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