Expedition-style tours to the world's most spectacular destinations
with Alex Permyakov, photographer and explorer
Upcoming expeditions
Africa, South America, New Zealand and other fantastic destinations
South Africa and Namibia
Spectacular drive from the Cape of Good Hope to the desert of Namib. We'll walk with cheetahs, meet Himba, Herero and San people and see fantastic landscapes of Sossusvlei, Deadvlei and Fish River canyon.

October 2019
Siberia and Mongolia
Fantastic drive through the Altai mountains in Siberia to the Gobi desert in Mongolia. We'll meet Golden Eagle hunters, see the sunrise in the mountains, visit nomadic families and drive through the desert.

September 2019
New Zealand from North to South
Epic drive though North and South islands of New Zealand. We'll see enormous Tongariro crater, go whale watching and seal swimming, cruise spectacular Milford Sound and meet with fascinating Maori culture.

February 2019 & 2020
New Guinea and Sulawesi
Встречи с папуасами, шокирующая культура Тана Тораджа, тропические леса Новой Гвинеи, удивительная природа Зондских островов
Peruvian Festivals
Expedition to two incredible celebrations: Inti Raymi and Qoyllur Riti, united with sunrise over Machu Picchu, stay on floating islands of Uros, and scenic drive from the Andes to the Amazon.

May and June 2019
Золотая осень в Альпах и Тоскане
Волшебная осень в Альпах, грандиозный Монблан, потрясающая Тоскана, уютные городки Французских Альп, чистейшие горные озера
Travel of your dream
If you like travels that are full of adventures, meetings with other cultures, exploration of nature and ancient history, join my expeditions to some of the world's most spectacular places.
I am not a tree, born to stand in one place always and know not what there be over the next hill
— Jack London
Next expeditions:
Join the fantastic tours to the most spectacular destinations
Altai Expedition
Vivid El Oiyn festival, breathtaking views of highlands, ancient rock engravings and stone warriors, fantastic sunsets and meeting with throat singers

Join us in June, July and August 2018
Alps and Tuscany
Magic autumn in the Alps, majestic Mont Blanc, fantastic Tuscany, cosy towns of the French Alps, fresh mountain lakes and incredible landscapes of Switzerland, France and Italy

End of September - beginning of October 2018
South Africa and Namibia
Cape of Good Hope, enormous sand dunes of Namib, meeting Himba and San tribes, walk with cheetah and wildlife watch in the most spectacular desert of Africa

October 2018
Spectacular landscapes of Patagonia, massive Iguazu Falls, severe Tierra del Fuego, vivid culture of Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro

November 2018
Peru, Bolivia and Chile
Mysterious Nazca lines, legendary Machu Picchu, ethereal views of Salar de Uyuni, lunar landscapes of Atacama desert and famous Easter island

New Year 2018-2019
New Guinea and Sulawesi
Meeting with Dani and Toraja cultures, tropical forests of New Guinea, shocking culture of Tana Toraja, majestic nature of Sunda islands

April 2018
Himalaya and Tibet
Contrasts of Kathmandu, Everest base camp, monasteries and palaces of Lhasa, emerald mountain lakes, majestic Himalayas and severe Tibetan plateau

May 2018
Why to travel with me
Travel with interesting people
People are one of the greatest things in travel. You'll explore the world with interesting company of entrepreneurs, photographers, university teachers, doctors and many others. If you want to travel with great people, join my expeditions
I run expedition tours to the most incredible destinations since 2008
I've visited about 100 countries, and chose those that are must-see for you
Pictures from previous expeditions
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with the description where I took it
3 components of the fantastic journey
Every expedition includes a dive into three things: nature, culture and history
Immerse in nature
In my expeditions we go whale watching, walk with cheetahs, climb to volcanos, see the sunrise on the ocean coast and visit the most beautiful nature sites
Meet with cultures
I'll intoduce you into traditions of Maori, Himba, San, Quechua, Aymara, indigenous Australians, Tibetans, Torajas and other fantastic cultures
Touch the history
We'll see abandoned cities of the Incas, rock engravings of Maori, San and Scythians, ancient buddhist temples, crusader castles and many other remarkable places
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— Жак-Ив Кусто
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Путешествия по самым красивым местам мира — это отличная возможность сделать захватывающие снимки. Чтобы быть готовым к путешествию, присоединяйтесь к нашему курсу по travel-фотографии.
как фотограф
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