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My name is Alex, and I design mission-driven travel experiences
that support environment, communities, and your life
Experience unforgettable moments
Travel as you want it to be: inspiring, educating, recharging for new accomplishments,
connecting with the World and your deeper self
Meet amazing people
See breath-taking places, the true heritage of the planet, and meet inspiring people: artists, environmentalists, shamans, and many others
Practice Mission-driven travel
Travel to support the right missions: indigenous cultures, vulnerable ecosystems, and people who work hard to keep them alive
Hi, I'm Alex
I'm a travel designer, photographer, and private guide.

I create mission-driven travel experiences: tours and expeditions to the most spectacular places in the world that help to protect natural and indigenous heritage
Meet the wildlife guardians in South Africa
Recommended trip length: 5-14 days
Scenic drive along the Atlantic and Indian oceans, observing penguins, whales, lions, elephants, and meetings with people who protect them
Alex Permyakov
Private guide, travel designer and photographer
I'm a travel photographer, guide, and expedition organizer. I work with natural, historical, and cultural destinations around the world, creating meaningful and sustainable travel experiences.

Since 2004 I've been running tours and expeditions in Asia, Africa, South America, Oceania, and Europe. My job is to create unique and meaningful trips. I know the best time to visit Iguazu Falls and Machu Picchu, how to arrange a spectacular drive over the mirror of Salar de Uyuni, where to watch the sunset on Rapa Nui. I love making connections and will be happy to introduce you to monks in Tibetan monasteries, Golden Eagle hunters in Western Mongolia, nature conservationists in Namibia, and other fantastic people around the world.

The inspiration for your next trip you may find in Travel collections, and if you want to arrange a private trip – feel free to send me an email or WhatsApp message. I love my job and will be happy to show you the world's most spectacular locations.

I also run guiding courses, where I help guides and tourism entrepreneurs to create world-class travel experiences.
See the most beautiful sights and meet inspiring people around the world, but also learn about yourself and grow personally
We create our Journeys so you could recharge your energy levels, and also meet people who study and protect natural and cultural heritage
Fall in love with new places, learn about the planet and how to protect the natural heritage, and support local communities
Explore the world
to meet your deeper self
Recharge your energy
and do good things
Created with care and respect for nature and local cultures
Mission-driven travel experiences
We use the power of tourism to care about
the environment, local communities, and your life
Petra, Jordan
Petra, Jordan
The Moon Valley, Chile
The Moon Valley, Chile
Kuranda National Park, QLD, Australia
Kuranda National Park, QLD, Australia
Tasmania, Australia
Tasmania, Australia
Island of Senja, Norway
Island of Senja, Norway
Northern Namibia
Northern Namibia
Iguazu Falls, Argentina
Iguazu Falls, Argentina
Western Mongolia
Western Mongolia
Uluru, Australia
Uluru, Australia
New Zealand
New Zealand
The Altai mountains, Siberia
The Altai mountains, Siberia
The Altai mountains, Siberia
The Altai mountains, Siberia
Zambezi, Zimbabwe
Zambezi, Zimbabwe
New Zealand
New Zealand
Sossusvlei, Namibia
Sossusvlei, Namibia
What makes my trips
I create personal and unique travel experiences
that help you to connect with nature, culture, and history
Connect with the place
Unlike many travel companies that would just show you interesting places, I create travel itineraries that connect you with the place and allow you to explore and experience it. For example, I have specially designed programs for visits to places like Iguazu Falls, Machu Picchu, or Rapa Nui, that would avoid crowds, have extended time on location, and have some unique moments like seeing the sunrise or having a sunset dinner.
Meet inspiring people
Every unforgettable trip includes meetings with inspiring local people. I'll be happy to introduce you to my friends, who will show you their homeland. For example, in Western Mongolia we will definitely visit a house of nomads – Golden Eagle hunters, in South Africa and Namibia we can't miss visiting local wildlife conservationists and indigenous people, and in Peru it is essential to visit the keepers of Quechua and Aymara cultures.
Experience, not just travel
Instead of staying in soulless hotel chains, we stay in small boutique hotels and villas, operated by local families. We don't just go to eat, but book tables in restaurants with passionate local chefs. Instead of traditional day tours, we go to see sunrises and have sunset dinners. I try to make every part of the trip an experience to remember.
Fund good things with your travel
Instead of paying money to travel corporations, we arrange every travel program that more money stays in local economies, fund scientific, conservation, and community programs
More than 100 mission-driven Journeys
in 30+ countries
Explore your dream destinations to contribute to nature protection and local communities
The Amazon
The Okavango Delta
The Namib Desert
Salar de Uyuni and Atacama
Mongolian Altai and the Gobi desert
Lofoten Islands and the Northern Norway
Mont Blanc and the Alps
The Garden Route
Uluru and Kata Tjuta National park
Fiordland and the Southern Alps
Tongariro National Park
Western Papua
Tana Toraja
The Himalayas
The Empty Quarter
Rapa Nui
Galapagos Islands
Southern Peru
Selected ideas for
travel in 2022
Open borders, no crowds, fantastic places
Scenic drive along the Atlantic and Indian oceans, observing penguins, whales, lions, elephants, and meetings with people who protect them
Meet the wildlife guardians in South Africa
Recommended trip length: 5-14 days
See the most beautiful desert and meet its legendary inhabitants
Overland drive to the Namib desert, meetings with Himba and San people, visits to cheetah conservation funds, and observing elephants
Recommended trip length: 8-16 days
Majestic Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian selva and Argentinian pampas, legendary Jesuit missions, and fantastic walks around the Iguazu Falls
Explore the nature of the Iguazu Falls and Jesuit missions
Recommended trip length: 5-10 days
Spectacular mirror of the Uyuni, ancient settlements of the Lake Titicaca, and the city inside the volcanic crater
Unreal landscapes of Salar de Uyuni and indigenous cultures of Bolivia
Recommended trip length: 6-12 days
More ideas of Private Journeys
for friends, couples, and families
Travel at your own pace, visit places you dreamed about,
have life-long memories with your better half,
teach your kids about the world —
we can help with the amazing travel plan
Corporate Journeys
for your team, partners, and best clients
Impress and inspire your team and partners
by investing in life-long memories, doing good things,
and fantastic travel experiences
Feel free to reach me to plan your next Journey in a new way
Message me and I will send you detailed travel programs
Message me, where it is convenient:
WhatsApp +1 201 361-61-19,
Instagram @alexpermyakov,
E-mail alex@alex.travel.
Alex Permyakov
I am always on the road (after all, I live in the campervan), but I always reply to messengers and email
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Instagram: @alexpermyakov
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