Alex Permyakov

Business Sustainability Advisor & Board Member
Sustainability and purpose
are your new competitive advantages in the uncertain world
I help entrepreneurs to create sustainable, purpose-driven business models
to be more prosperous and have a better impact on the world around
Hi, I'm Alex
I am looking for a new challenge
Position: Business sustainability advisor or a board member,
part-time, remote, or a project-based
Let's work together, if you want to transform your business to be sustainable and prosperous
  • Have a strong business without steroids
  • See a deeper meaning of what you do
  • Empower the team and build synergy
  • Strengthen relationships with customers
  • Bring more value to the world
  • Care about the environment and your people
  • Build strong systems instead of micromanaging
Together we will create a vision of how to:
  • Navigate the business strategy in uncertain conditions
  • Focus on creating the core value for customers
  • Strengthen customers relationships
  • Reduce costs with the lean management
  • Automatize routine tasks
  • Build product systems and multiply income sources
  • Care about your and the team's holistic well-being
As a result, you will get a more sustainable, purpose-driven business model and clarity in
  • Strategic management
  • Product & project management
  • Marketing & customer relationships
  • HR & Ops
  • Finance & accounting
I help companies to create sustainable, purpose-driven business models
to be more prosperous and have a better impact on the world around
About me
Selected Experience:
INSPIRRING, founder, 2022
INSPIRRING is a peer-to-peer learning community for entrepreneurs, where you can ask anything about your business from other entrepreneurs and founders.
I've developed the business model and the technology. Currently, I am onboarding the first members.
LIVE NOW Foundation, marketing transformation mentor, 2022
A month-long mentorship program for a charity foundation that works with ALS patients in Russia (Stephen Hawking's disease). Since the war started, the Foundation has lost most of its corporate donors, so together with other mentors, we helped the Foundation to rebuild marketing and fundraising in a new reality.
Geekfactor, marketing advisor, 2021-...
Geekfactor is an IT recruitment agency. I help them to build the business model, marketing activities, and customer relationship processes.
American Councils, mastermind facilitator, 2022
American Councils is an organization behind many exchange programs for students and entrepreneurs. I helped them to organize a series of masterminds for alumni in Russia.
Phoenix Education, digital transformation mentor, 2021
Phoenix Education creates education programs for companies. With them, I worked on a digital transformation program for a large bank (12K+ employees), mentoring the team of transformation leaders.
Travelabs, head of digital, 2019-2020
Travelabs was the company running professional events for the travel tech sector, such as Travelabs Online Events, Travel Tech Conference Russia, MITT Digital, and others. I was responsible for digital strategy and marketing.
MITT Digital Conference, co-organizer, 2018-2020
MITT Digital is a travel tech conference within MITT, a large tourism exhibition. For MITT Digital, we were arranging the agenda, the startup competition, working with sponsors, and other organizational processes.
+ many more companies and projects since 2003.
I started my career as an entrepreneur in 2003 and worked with companies and entrepreneurs from 40+ countries since then.
Selected education:
Altai Academy of Arts and Culture: MSc in recreation, culture and tourism management, 2004-2009

Pskov University: Post-graduate in recreation and economic geography, 2010-2012

Tallinn University of Technology: MBA in digital business, 2015-2017
Selected awards:
TravelScrum (global tourism hackathon) — Best Design/Business Model award, 2020
The Global Hack (global hackathon) — first runner-up in Media and Entertainment, 2020
48 for the Future (global hackathon) — special prize from Visit Estonia, 2021
Baltic Startup Passion (Finland/Estonia/Latvia) — winner, 2018
Loomehakk (creative industries hackathon, Estonia) — first runner-up, 2018
Garage48 Grodno (IT hackathon, Estonia/Belarus) — first runner-up, 2016
I'm also an alumnus or participant of,
USG Alumni Mentoring Program, American Councils RBL 2021, Phocuswright Young Leaders 2019, Garage48 Tourism Pärnu, EU:Africa Journey 2021, EdHack 2022, University of Tartu Startup Lab, and other programs
Let's talk?
Alex Permyakov
Entrepreneur, community leader, full-time vanlifer, etc
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Telegram: @permyakov
By the way, you can also hire me as a business sustainability coach
If you need an extra head with your strategy, we can work together — it will take between 2 to 8 hours a month and will be a great investment.